Welcome to Brightland Discovery Pre School

Welcome to Brightland Discovery Pre School. We have structured our early childhood education curriculum around 4 keys elements of development to ensure the growth of child.


The child communicate with peer group and others verbally and non – verbally to engage the world around them .


While the child enjoys a safe ‘ Home away from Home’ we want him/her to learn to express and understand his/ her...


The child is engaged in activities which help him to improve motor skill development , co- ordination , mobility and exercise to...


Our unique educational program help the child to build brain power by supportive development of judgment, perception, memory...

I believe children should be the central focus of all that we do for today’s education.
Let us ensure that each child gets the best out of life. It is vital to understand that every child is different. We as educators need to help them celebrate this difference b fostering their individuality and nurturing their talent. Ensure them that it is alright to make mistakes and help them take a lesson back from every mistake made.
Yours sincerely,